If you were stranded on the moon could you survive?

 on the moon

Image taken from www.scifiscoop.com 

Using newly gained knowledge about the moon and your insight into human basic needs for survival,

you'll use your critical thinking and problem solving skills to see if you could survive in space.

Information in this unit was inspired and borrowed from byrdseed.com & nasa.gov.


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Come explore some of the most exciting places in the world with these virtual field trips!  Enter here to get started.

chatting image

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The Moodle Chats course is the place for you to express yourself!  Enter here to chime in with facts and opinions about certain topics!  


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This is a refresher course for Pylons students to reconnect with the layout and functions of the Moodle platform.  The goal is for students to continue to log-in and access Moodle weekly and interact with the course content.   

writer's block








Image taken from http://theartsentrepreneur.com/?p=761

Do you want to improve your writing?  Here at the Writer's Block you'll get a chance to learn what components make a great written piece. 

You'll also get a chance to practice different genres of writing while using the components of 6 Trait + 1 Writing.

The ideas and content in this unit have been inspired by and borrowed from the "Teacher's Survival Guide for Creating Successful Writers"-Blaine County School District #61 & from the "Young Writer's Survival Kit" by Melissa Forney.


heritage visual

You are going to think like an Anthropologist to complete a heritage project about your culture's past, present, or future.

Understanding Kansas City's rain and its journey through the watershed.


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The producers of Jeopardy need your help.  They are offering $100,000 scholarships to student researchers in efforts to get the best facts and information for a Missouri themed show.  Enter for more details!

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The producers of Jeopardy need your help.  They are offering a $1,000,000 Jackpot to student researchers in efforts to get the best facts and information for a continental-themed competition.   Enter for more details!